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Millionaires shortbread

This is the ultimate indulgence in the world of cakes. I absolutely love them. Highly calorific but truly delicious, I recommend one of these with a cup of coffee anyday (but not everyday!!). The mix of shortbread, with caramel oozing out when you bite into a slice topped with chocolate is so good.


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Bad Boys Bakery lemon treacle slice OMG

The recipe used by the bad boys bakery in Gordon Ramsey's excellent TV series `Gordon behind bars'. This lemon treacle slice is divine.

Celebrating cake throughout the ages - well with me!

I have found a number of photos with a common theme. Me and cake! A mix of good ole homemade cake and some fabulous desserts and cakes I have enjoyed whilst at a cafe or restaurant

Xmas baking goodies bags 2018

It’s that time of year again! Here’s my list of Xmas baking goodies. New for this year – White Chocolate Blondies. Crunchy peanut brownies style with white choc chips.

RAW Baking Christmas Bag -£6.00 each

1. Snow Flecked Brownies. Everyone’s favourite! Dark chocolate, fudge style brownies filled with white chocolate chippings.

2. Butter Shortbread. Classic butter shortbread sprinkled with sugar and topped with glitter.

3. Classic Flapjacks. Delicious buttery flapjacks. Order plain or with chocolate chunks.

4. The Triple R - Rachels Rocky Road. A sticky chocolate base mixed with shortbread biscuit and stuffed with soft pieces of marshmallows.

5. Malteser Tiffin chocolate slab. Smooth chocolate base mixed with crunchy biscuits and topped with maltesers.

6. White Chocolate Blondies. A mix of peanuts with white choc chunks. Soft in the middle with crunchy edges.Also known as a white chocolate brownie.

7. Honeycomb and Peanut chocolate slab. A winning combination of chocolate, pieces …