Sunday, 8 December 2013

Rawbaking goods for Christmas 2013

Presented in a decorative Christmas Presentation Bag- just £6 each

Choose from a range of Christmas home baked goods, which are made to order:

1. Snow Flecked Brownies
Dark chocolate, fudge style brownies filled with white chocolate chippings.

2. Butter Shortbread
Butter shortbread sprinkled with sugar and topped with glitter.

3. Flapjacks
Delicious butter flapjacks, with a dark chocolate base.

4. Milk chocolate fudge

Smooth and creamy fudge

Plus new for 2013 Box of 6 Mince Pies (NB Contains ground nuts) for £3.50
Email to place your order. 

Mince pies

I have mince pies with a melt in the mouth delicate pastry using egg yolk and ground almonds.They particularity taste good with thick brandy cream. Ummmm...