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A classic coffee cake

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Lemon drizzle and white chocolate cake

 This is a cake for those of us with a very sweet tooth 😋  Lemon sponge with a white chocolate fudge butter icing in the centre. Topped with lemon icing and topped with white chocolate shavings!

Viennese fingers dipped in chocolate

  These delicious biscuits take a bit of time to make, as you have to pipe out the biscuit dough onto your baking tray but they are worth the time and effort! Once baked and cooled down, dip in melted chocolate then place in the fridge to set . As always-  delicious served alongside a cup of fresh coffee.

Hedgehog shortbread biscuits

As a bit of a of a fun way to raise money towards The  British Hedgehog Preservation Society, I made some shortbread `hoggie biscuits' for my work colleagues.' I bought a great hedgehog cookie cutter in 2 sizes.  Sprinkled with sugar, these biscuits are great with a cup of coffee to keep you going in the morning. Hedgehog shortbread biscuits

My new gadget. A pasta maker.

Such a lovely birthday gift. An attachment to my kitchen aid mixer which makes pasta. I love it. Homemade pasta is delicious 😋 make the pasta on the kitchen aid mixer using the dough attachment then remove the bowl, attach the pasta maker and away you go! 

Mojito Birthday cake

My Mojito Birthday cake! Bursting with the flavours of rum, lime and mint. This moist sponge is delicious- topped with a cream cheese and lime butter icing. My nearest & dearest, Lee made this for me. I was very impressed with his cake. 

Light n fluffy pitta bread

 This is a very tasty alternative to the traditional pitta bread as irs much more light and fluffy. Great with hummus 😋  this recipe came from What Jessica Baked Next blog here  .