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Sticky date and walnut cake

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English scones

Classic English scones with homemade jam. I led an online baking class for a friend today making plain scones. Taste delicious from the oven with jam and butter and a cup of tea.

Lockdown birthday cake

This small loaf style cake is an ideal size to celebrate a birthday during lockdown. It serves up to 4 people, so 2 generous slices each if there's only 2 of you in a household!  This cake is a vanilla sponge filled with strawberry jam and creamy butter icing.  

Fancy a Jammy dodger?

A shortbread biscuit filled with strawberry jam and then dusted with icing sugar.  Great way to ease those January blues especially accompanied with a refreshing cup of tea 🍵

Chocolate hazelnut sponge

 A vert tasty flourless cake recipe which includes  ground almonds and a jar of Nutella spread.  The rich chocolate sponge is topped with a velvety dark chocolate ganache. Divine with a scoop of ice cream on the side!

Millionaire shortbread

My ultimate favourite baking treat. Millionaire shortbread.  A shortbread base with a smooth caramel on the top and then finished with a layer of melted chocolate. 

Coconut Ice

 An old fashioned classic- coconut ice.  They look so good with a white and pink layer.