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Christmas Pudding Orders being taken!

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Happy Halloween from rawbaking!

A rocky road style skeleton face. A mix of shortbread, marshmallows, lashings of golden syrup and chocolate. Yummy!

Giant custard cream sponge cake

You'd thought of such a great recipe as a Giant Custard Cream cake! It's a classic sponge cake mix with custard powder added into the sponge mixture as well as the buttercream.  The decoration on the top was a bit fiddly and we improvised on the classic a bit! It tasted good.

Chocoholics Birthday cake

Happy birthday to my neice Tia. She asked for a cake with chocolate, chocolate and more chocolate! This cake has a chocolate sponge, filled with vanilla butter creak with crushed maltesers. On the top and side, chocolate fudge icing covered with chocolate fingers and a few more maltesers.

Chocolate ganache cake

I made a chocolate fudge cake topped with a dark rich ganache topping for my colleague and friend, Dini who left my workplace today after 14 years. Her catchphrase at work whenever I did a mistake was `What's the Story?' hence the writing on the cake!  

Cake glorious cake!

" Birthdays are nature's way of telling us to at more cake."  As the tradition at works goes - you have to bring cakes in on YOUR birthday. For my lovely work mates I made my ultimate favourite carrot cake with cream cheese frosting and a new recipe - sticky toffee cake. The toffee topping tasted like butterscotch and went well with the chunks of fudge on top.

Bake sale goodies

Chocolate fudge loaf cake and passion fruit cupcakes made especially for a bake sale at work today.