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Football birthday cake!

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Celebrating cake throughout the ages - well with me!

I have found a number of photos with a common theme. Me and cake! A mix of good ole homemade cake and some fabulous desserts and cakes I have enjoyed whilst at a cafe or restaurant

Spring birthday cake

Vanilla sponge filled with strawberry jam and whipped buttercream. Decorated with a selection of colourful spring flowers made of fondant icing. 

Sunday comfort food - Rock cakes

These are a classic and very easy to make. Here's my recipe. Highly recommended warm out of the oven with a cup of coffee on a cold Sunday afternoon. True comfort food!

Boozy Christmas Cake

This year's Christmas cake was one of my best yet. It smelt lovely and boozy - I had used Carribean rum given to me by a friend. The cake was just right, not too moist and cut slices very easily. The chillies i used to decorate together with rosemary from the garden were last minute decoration ideas!

Ellis 8th Birthday Cake

Classic coffee cake

A wonderful colleague, Mary-Ann who we shall all miss left work today after 10 years at Hastoe. I made her one of her favourites cakes. The classic coffee cake.