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Rainbow birthday cake

For my nephew's 12th birthday I made a rainbow sponge cake with a cake topper of our family dog, Flapjack!

Birthday celebration cake selection for my work!

 A strange tradition having to take cakes into work when its your birthday but it gives me a chance to try out a new recipe or two! The passion fruit sponge as well as the Apple crumb cake were both very popular and both were new recipes so I was pleased! Passion fruit sponge cake Selection of birthday cakes!   Double chocolate sponge cake   Apple crumble cake

Butter shortbread with chocolate chips

Another one of my many favourites. These slices of shortbread are perfect with a cup of tea. The shortbread is buttery and just melt in the mouth with a sip of tea!

A Triple Chocolate Cake

A Triple chocolate cake.  For my brothers birthday, I made a moist chocolate sponge cake and filled it with tasty white chocolate frosting. I sprinkled caramac chocolate on the top.