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Classic white Loaf

This was my third attempt at making a classic loaf of white bread! I was determined not to give up. The main issue was my flat is never very warm and so the bread just does not rise.  I discovered a great tip to get bread to rise using a slow cooker, which worked a treat. Fill your slow cooker halfway up with water, set to low. Turn the slow cooker lid over and place back on top (so its the wrong way up), place a tea towel on the upturned slow cooker lid then place your dough on top. Leave for about 45 minutes. Not too long as the the dough starts baking, which is where i went wrong the second time! Light and spongy and very tasty with butter and honey plus of course, a cup of tea. Classic loaf of white bread

Classic victoria sponge birthday cake

A cake for my mums birthday. Her favourite cake is the classic Victoria sponge, filled with buttercream and homemade blackberry jam.  Topped with more butter icing and a few fondant icing flowers. The finished result! Victoria sponge before decoration.